The Anslow Family
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This is the homepage of Paul, Heather and Samantha Anslow. The site serves as a Hub for our social networking pages, a place for my photographs, My Amateur Radio Page and a kind of photo diary, giving a limited idea what we get up to. Browse around and come and visit again, as the site is updated fairly regularly.

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Originally born in Lichfield, England, I Lived on Trevallyn Hill, Launceston, Tasmania for my youth. Went to school at Trevallyn Primary and Riverside High, and moved to the mainland (Sydney) for work. I trained with AWA Engineering Products Division, at the corner of Tallavera and Lane Cove Roads, North Ryde and had a career in defence electronics ever since. Travelled twice to the USA  and once to Cambodia with my work.

I married in 1996 and had a daughter, Samantha in 1997. Divorced.... Then found my life partner Heather and we wed in 2003. Heather was born and brought up in the lower Hunter Valley and works in Clinical Research.

We live in Western Sydney with two cats (Polly and Chappie), Two dogs  (Mac and Cody, the cheeky Chihuahua bothers), and my daughter Samantha on some weekends. We would be pleased to hear from anyone.